Samuel French Visit

I went to the Samuel French Bookstore in Studio City on Saturday. I should have visited this place sooner. It’s awesome. Every book shelf is filled with books on theatre and film and everything to do with each. The staff was helpful and friendly. I bought two plays recommended by Luis Alfaro…Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley and A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee. I also bought The Dramatist Toolkit: The Craft of the Working Playwright by Jeffrey Sweet and The Art & Craft of Playwriting by Jeffrey Hatcher. Just noticed both authors are named Jeffrey…weird. This last one has Interviews with Lee Blessing, Jose Rivera, and Marsha Norman.

One of my favorite things from Jose Rivera is his 36 Assumptions About Writing Plays published in American Theatre in 2003. One of my favorites: Assumption #26. A play must be organized. This is another word for structure. You organize a meal, your closet, your time –why not your play? This, dear readers, is my task for the next phase of In the time of the Rosalila. Now, off to read the material I purchased. It’ll do nothing for me if I just let it sit on my own bookshelf.

Below is a link to Samuel French, Inc. Visit often.