Can you please review your selection process for death?

Dear God,

Claudio Rodarte was laid to rest on Saturday, February 20th.

I attended the viewing at the Forest Lawn Chapel in Burbank, California on Friday, February 19th.

Just a week prior, Claudio was alive and well. Telling us about his sister’s hospitalization with a smile. Yes, a smile. It was a grateful smile. A smile that said, “Phew! I’m glad that’s behind me.” A smile that said, “I am happy for life’s small blessings.” And we were happy to have him back if only for such a short time.

I don’t believe in you. I’ve never really wanted to. But I feel a bit angry at Claudio’s passing. And I can’t think of anyone else to be angry with. The universe? Seems a bit too vague.

I’d like a bit more insight into your selection process for death. Why don’t the bad seeds keel over and die on Friday mornings when they are just getting out of bed? Why did it have to be someone like Claudio? A gentle soul who’s very vigil evidenced the magnitude of his grace and love.

The chapel poured out the people that had been touched by him in his 40 years of life. It bled the hundreds of sad thoughts emanating from pained faces. Claudio is gone and we will not get him back. You took him away to be some sort of angel is what I hear people saying. A guardian angel to be more specific. Do you really need those? Aren’t you supposed to be omnipotent and almighty? Do you really need that much help to take care of the human population?

As you can see, I have a lot of questions. In the meantime, however, I’d like to tell you to back up a moment and review your selection process for death. Take one of the bad guys for once.  They may not be guardian angel material but they’ll sure make our lives a lot easier down here on earth. There’s a saying floating around here that goes something like this, “Hierba mala, nunca muere.” You understand Spanish don’t you? I’d like to ask you to make this saying not so true and take an asshole next time. And can you make it hurt a little?

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.


Fanny Garcia

North Hollywood, CA