Top 10 Ways a Playwright Blows off Work

10. Set up a meeting with actors to edit the 5 minute plays you are working on for the Meet Me @ The Metro project.

9. Read The New York Times Theatre Section, The Los Angeles Times Theatre Section, and The LA Weekly Theatre Section.

8. Eat trail mix while trying to figure out what to google next.

7. Google reviews for Oedipus El Rey at Boston Court in Pasadena.

6. Read A Delicate Balance by Albert Albee.

5. Catch up on  blogs who just happen to be by fellow writers and artists and friends.

4. Write your own post for your own blog.

3.  Browse craigslist in search of a bar table with stools for your apartment so that you can invite friends for dinner and have wonderful conversations about everything including theater.

2. Sort through all the play programs and flyers you picked up while catching several plays in Los Angeles this weekend.

and the number one way to blow off work!?!

1. Work on your own play!