Of Math and Bliss

I never thought Math would have such a prominent role in following my bliss. But alas, it does. I met with Richard Brossman, one of many Academic Counselors at Los Angeles Valley College. It was hard to concentrate as he navigated through the endless courses I have to take for the next few semesters. The man is hot! My friend Raquel who works at Valley doesn’t think so, but I find him so attractive. It’s kind of like the attraction I have towards Steve Martin. The man plays the banjo!!

But I digress…which is indicative of what was happening in my head while Mr. Brossman spoke. It was hard to concentrate but the gist of it was: If you want to get out of community college quickly, you have to take Math classes every semester from now till the Fall 2011 semester. I’ve got 29 units and I need an additional 31to graduate. According to him, I could finish this in a year in half. But Math is my crux. I have to start at the bottom…105 to 112 to 125 and then Statistics 101. Plus a few more general courses like English and Geography. And History and labs and I forget what else he said because I was suddenly overwhelmed.

He also asked where I wanted to go…I said UCLA, CSUN and Cal State, LA. Aren’t these the schools where everyone goes? My dream has always been UCLA, but is that feasible for a returning student who is reemerging herself in academics after a 10 year hiatus? Can I handle it? I’d practically have to get all A’s if I want to go to UCLA. Do I have it in me? Am I really all that different today from the  shy, gullible and scared person I was when I first tried my hand at higher education?

I have to commit. Commitment has always scared me. But it seems that I have more people to answer to now. Friends who seem to think that I CAN do it. My sisters who look up to me because in there eyes the fact that I’ve made it this far without screwing up my life is awesome. My co-workers who have left that category in the dust and are actually really close friends now. They have been an endless source of support. And me. I need to do this for me. Just like I did when I ran  my first marathon. I did it for me. Because I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. That if I put one step ahead of the other and pushed forward I can get to the finish line. It’s truly an unforgettable  experience to get that medal placed around your neck and carry your tired legs across.

I’m sure the feeling will be much the same when I finish all those Math classes. Oh, sweet, sweet bliss. Here I come!