Unemployment Is The Norm

I get up early on Monday to go to the gym only to find it packed! I spent at least 20 minutes looking for parking. I tried to join a weightlifting class but it was full with people. I left after trying to find a cardio machine and coming up empty. It seems everyone is unemployed. This seriously hampers my plans to enjoy my free time by working out non-stop and reviving Operation Get Hot. I ended up taking a long walk through the Chandler Bikeway and discovered that my Achilles  Heel  may actually be improving. I felt none of the pinching pain that prevented me from running the LA Marathon this year.

I met my friend for a cup of coffee last night and she advised that I keep a schedule while out of work. She said depression might set in if I don’t keep busy. After all, I’m waking up every day without any structure. I speak to no one whereas at work I would have spoken to at least five people by 9:30 am. She also said not to stress out if everything in my schedule doesn’t get done or takes longer to complete.

It seems unemployment brings with it many new responsibilities.