First Week of Freedom

Next week is the official kick-off for my writing. I will rarily been seen in public and if I am, my laptop will probably be attached to my fingers and the screen to my nose. I must finish this play. People are asking for it.  I have to deliver.  But I had to do a few things before concentrating on this next project.

I finally closed the last chapter on He Who Shall Not Be Named. I started dating  him in Winter and enjoyed Spring with him but it ended unexpectedly in the Summer. I had not seen or talked to him since then. I e-mailed him on Thursday. It was bittersweet. He was now a stranger. I cared for him so much. I am now a non-issue for him. And he will be forgotten by me soon, I hope. But before I do, let me just say that I remember feeling so at ease in his arms. I would bury my face in his neck and not say a word and just hear him breathe. I placed my hand on his chest and felt protected. I’d never felt that way before. This week in his e-mails, all he could say was that I am a hell of a writer. Although, it was nice to hear, the compliment felt so small when what I really wanted to hear is that I mattered in his life. Perhaps even that he missed me or that he remembers me fondly. A few days after we e-mailed, I was at Target and pushed my cart past the hair gel, and shampoo isle. I could not help making a stop at the brand he used, opening the bottle and taking a whiff of his scent. I lingered there for a few minutes with tears in my eyes. I prayed no one walked into the isle, breaking the last moment I needed to finally purge him from my senses.  A few minutes passed and I put the cap back on the bottle, the bottle back on the shelf and walked away. Goodbye.

I managed to hire a tutor for my Math classes. And he won’t charge me a penny. Buddha bless him and not make him come back as a toad. He’s a nice guy I met at the LA Marathon expo. I’m going to try to skip Math 105 and jump right in to Math 112. I hope that by buying the book before class and studying it with the help of my tutor, I’ll be caught up enough to do well in class.

I sent in my claim for unemployment. Scary but surprisingly painless. I now need to learn how to budget. My flask will be my constant companions when joining my friends at bars. Free activities around the city will be greatly appreciated. Coupons will also be used.

I finished off as much of my insurance as I could. I only managed to get two days of physical therapy but the exercises the therapist gave me will be sufficient to get my Achilles Heel in shape for my next race. I don’t know when that will be. It will take some crafty money saving to ensure that I run another race. But I will not give up on this new found passion.

I went on a gorgous hike with a friend on Wednesday. He lives in Pasadena and at first we got lost but found a nice creek where we stopped to enjoy the sounds of the water. We finally found our way back to the main trail and discovered a beautiful view of the San Gabriel Valley. In the distance was Downtown Los Angeles and even further was what we think was Century City.  If the skies had been a bit more clear, we could have seen the ocean from our perch. Perhaps next time.

I started the process of organizing myself. I cleared out old mail and created a filing system of sorts. I hope to pick up the shredder from a friend today so I can get rid of old bills and make room for my research and plays.

The Meet Me @ Metro Project has also kept me busy. Our dress rehearsal last Saturday was a bit rough. I was scared the play was not funny anymore but during rehearsal on Tuesdays the actors really set my mind at ease. Costumes will be in today. Along with a couple of props. We are ready. See you at the show!