Meet Me @ Metro Post Show

Okay, so this weekend was the much anticipated Meet Me @ Metro. The project was a huge success. The piece I wrote with the help of the East LA Rep actors was well received. The second show was the best. At one point  a young boy turned to his  Mom with excitement and said, “That piece was the best one!”

I am eternally grateful to the cast for making the play come to life with their awesome acting talents. Jesus A. Reyes directed the piece superbly. My friend Gabriela Lopez de Dennis was also instrumental in making the show a success. She designed and applied the henna tattoo that the script called for. Lynn Haro helped me work the lyrics I wrote for a song in the play and she applied the melody it needed. Samuel Juarez accompanied Lynn on guitar throughout the play. Rick Burkhardt also brought the Italian element to the songs with his accordion. We were followed throughout by a documentary crew so if you missed out on being a part of Meet Me @ Metro, you’ll probably see it on video soon.

I will always remember L’Ultimo Viaggio…it’s the first play I wrote in collaboration with actors. I was able to ask them for feedback, take their suggestions and come back to them with concerns. I learned to trust the process. Trust my actors and director and to just let the creativity flow. It was also the first ten minute play that I wrote. I hope to write many more.

Check out a couple of reviews about the experience:

Approximately 200+ people participated in Meet Me @ Metro!

Rick Burkhardt on accordion and Samuel Juarez on guitar.

The henna tattoo created by Gabriela Lopez de Dennis

We had a full house!

The cast of L'Ultimo Viaggio: Blanca Melchor as Jazel The Love Interest, Jesus A. Reyes our fearless director, me, Raquel Sanchez as The Consigliore, Juan E. Carrillo as Coyote, Lynn Haro as The One Who Calls The Shots aka The Godfather and Samuel Juarez our guitarist.