A few weeks ago I met with a UCLA representative at Los Angeles Valley College. The appointment was only for twenty minutes. I was in and out in 10.

I was extremely disappointed. The rep basically made it seem like it was virtually impossible to get into the school. The rep was cold and seemed to enjoy looking unimpressed about me or the questions I had. She made a point of looking at all the marks on my transcripts and pointing out the bad ones. When I explained what I was doing to fix them and the classes I was going to be taking she shook her head in frustration.

In a snooty tone she said, “Good for you. I suggest you get all A’s from here on out and that’s going to be really hard. We highly encourage students to apply to other schools, and not set their dreams on only one college campus.”

Really, lady? You think I don’t know that?

I asked her questions about opportunities for students with community service experience, and students with social justice work on their resumes. She said, “You would have to make sure to include all that in your essay and it would have to be stellar in order to be considered.”

No, shit.

So I asked where I could find information about this application…”Just go to our website…it’s all there.”

I explained to her that my LAVC counselor had recommended I get in touch with the UCLA English Department Chair and find out more about the departments and the programs and classes available.

She replied, “Frankly, the chairs are very busy with the students who ALREADY attend the university, I don’t think they have much time for students not at UCLA.”

If I’d had this interview three years ago I would have given up…I would have walked out of that office, cried my eyes out in the car and told the world to fuck off because I didn’t even want to go to UCLA anyways.

But instead, I walked out knowing she was wrong. Knowing that her attitude was not intended towards me and that I needed to continue on my path no matter how many people believe or not believe in me. I am doing this for me.

And yes, I still cried in the car. But I cried about how hard it’s going to be but I’m still going to do it!

Fast forward…I went to a KCRW sponsored Fowler Museum event with my friends Natalie and Noreena. We were standing in the courtyard in front of Royce Hall dancing to music spun by Jason Bentley and I turned to them and said, “If I get into UCLA we are going to have a picnic right in this very spot.”

I’m going to aim for that…but who knows, I may get accepted to Brown or Yale or NYU. And if I do I’m going to call that UCLA rep (Her name is Patricia Garcia…that wench even has my last name!) and give her a piece of my university bound mind.


Who's with me?!?