Dramaturgy Session with Luis Alfaro

Luis Alfaro is directing my play. I sent him a draft of the first act last Monday. We met on Thursday of the same week to discuss some notes he had. After we finished breakfast at Paty’s Diner in Burbank, he pulled out three typed pages full of notes and said, “Now don’t get scared…it’s just a few notes.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  It was scary and overwhelming but the stuff he made notes on were right on.  Some were things that I had already questioned about the play. But the vast majority were things that my brain had not tapped into.  This is what I liked the most about our dramaturgy session.  He made me think…and quickly! He asked me questions and I had to come up with an answer on the spot and then he would urged me to explore and think about it even more.

He told me to write, write, write as much as I can.  He gave me permission to just keep going with my descriptions of characters and the setting and the look and feel of the play.   Write, he said…because later we are going to cut, cut, cut! And in those paragraphs and paragraphs of stage directions and description and information will be one or two sentences that will say it all and those will be the keepers.

During our session, I showed him photographs of my father and mother and of myself when I was a little girl. I will be scanning those soon to post in the blog. But in the mean time, here are a few that Luis took.

First picture with only a bit of a smile...

but Luis insisted on a bigger smile...braces and all...

and then I cracked up and almost hit the lady behind me.

Writing is hard. But it makes me happy and it makes me believe that anything is possible. Dramaturgy sessions with Luis Alfaro are possible. And I am capable of writing a play. It’s enough…for now.