The Rosalila Temple

I first visited Honduras in 2004. I was dead set on visiting las Ruinas de Copan. This may have once been considered the artistic center of Mayan Civilization and I had recently joined a writing class and had fanciful ideas of being an artist and exploring my heritage in my writings.

The trip from  San Pedro Sula  to Copan was about three hours long.  When I arrived in Copan I hired a guide to show me around.  I was fascinated by the discovery of the Rosalila Temple and the mystery surrounding it and what I learned about the temple combined with the family history I encountered on my trip is what inspired my play.

This clip of Lost Kingdoms of the Maya, a history documentary narrated by Susan Sarandon, discusses the temple and it’s discovery.

A replica of the Rosalila Temple at Copan Ruinas. The temple was painted a rose-lilac color which is what gives it it's name.

The top section of the temple.

The sun god is pictured as a bird, specifically a kuk-mo, or quetzal-macaw.

Additional information about Copan Ruinas and The Rosalila Temple: