Lessons Learned from The Rosalila: A Workshop Production


1. If you’re play is loosely based on family, don’t send them the script to read prior to the performance. It ruins the purpose of writing a play. It’s meant to be seen on stage not read.

2. If you’re writing a play about a specific group of people, don’t freak out when an audience member tells you that particular group shouldn’t see your play because they might be offended.

3. Your first, second or even third play is not going to be perfect. Unless you’re a genius or you’ve had extensive training in writing. Then you would be screwed and would have no excuse if it sucks. 😉

4. A little controversy never hurt anyone and you’re not going to please everyone anyway.

5. Trust your gut on the things you need and make sure you get them.

6. Be open to suggestions, questions, and feedback but ultimately this is your story. Tell it the way you want to.

7. Always write a lot more than you need to. The play is going to undergo cuts but you can always bring things back.

8. Audiences will not always laugh at the funny parts in your play. They just might not get it or be dead tired.

9. A friend who can listen to your freakouts is a necessity. Make sure you have at least one.

10. Knowing that your teacher, colleagues and friends believed in you enough to take the time to teach you, envision your story, make it happen and went to see it is priceless.

11. If you are your own worse critic, you must counter that with being your own #1 Fan.

12. Don’t do a Q & A after every show…they’re hard! Take a break! Breathe!

13. Don’t take Math classes consecutively while doing a workshop production. You don’t need the added stress!

14. Go out into the world whenever possible. Writing is a solitary job. It can get to you.

15. Be proud of your work. The attempt is commendable. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

16. Read your dialogue outloud when you write it or read it. It helps to establish the rythm of the language and the tone.

17. Rewriting sucks. But you gotta do it. Procastinating only makes it worse.

18.  Doubt is a part of life but don’t give into it. It will paralyze you if you do.

19. Keep writing. You’ll find your voice in what you write.

20. Read plays, novels, poetry, anything. You’ll write better if you’re also reading.