From a blank page to a PLAY in 60 seconds!

The New York One-Minute Play Festival & East LA Rep Presents

The 1st Annual L.A. One-Minute Play Festival

Dec. 11th & 12th @ 8:00pm


East LA Rep 1350 San Pablo St. Los Angeles, CA 90033

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Curated by Dominic D’Andrea, it’s theatre boiled down to its essence, sixty seconds from lights up to lights down. The program will present plays by some of the most exciting L.A. playwrights, and fearless directors and actors, highlighting East Los Angeles, as a new destination place for diverse theatre in L.A.

Featuring plays by: Sibyl O’Malley, Evelina Fernandez, Larissa FastHorse, Alice Tuan, Ricardo Bracho, Oliver Mayer, Jihan Crowther, Jerome Parker, Lynn Manning, Velina Hasu Houston, Anthony Aguilar, Ross Maxwell, Boni Alvarez, Michael Golamco, Julie Herbert, Adelina Anthony, Angela Berliner, Jose Casas, Sigrid Gilmer, Michael John Garces, Anne Garcia-Romero, Steve Yockey, Jose Cruz Gonzalez, Donald Jolly, Lisa Loomer, Brooke Berman, Annette Lee, Bernardo Solano, Kelly Younger, Mike Vukadinovich, Julie Marie Myatt, Mickey Birnbaum, Shishir Kurup, Kit Steinkellner, Raquel Gutierrez, David Myers, and Evangeline Ordaz.

Also including plays by national alumni writers: Kristoffer Diaz, Rachel Axler, Qui Nguyen, Mando Alvarado, Matthew Paul Olmos, Rose Martula, Tanya Saracho, Andrea Thome, J. Julian Christopher, Joshua Conkel, David Simpatico and Caridad Svich. Directed by: Efrain Schunior, Nataki Garrett, Anne-Giselle Spiegler, Marlene Beltran, Ian Forester, Corky Dominguez, Laurie Woolery and Dominic D’Andrea.

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 Twitter: oneminuteplays


Tel: Fanny @ 818-554-8551

Proceeds will benefit East LA Rep’s community programs.