SPOTLIGHT: Raquel Sanchez Talks About Her Chicano Studies Thesis Project

Raquel Sanchez (Rocky) earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts from Cal State Northridge in 1998 and is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Chicano/a Studies. Raquel has been performing on stage since she was 13 years old and is excited to be venturing into the world of writing for performance. Her thesis project, “Sanity Is Relative: Sisters Schizophrenic Journey,” will be completed in May 2011.  She feels blessed to have mentors Luis Alfaro and Margarita Nieto, guiding her through her thesis project, a solo performance on schizophrenia.  Raquel is also blessed to have the help and support of East LA Rep, whom she has worked with on many productions since 2005. Raquel hopes her performance piece will shine a light on the effect a mentally ill family member has on the family unit and brings understanding to those who suffer from mental illness. “This project has been a learning process for me, healing old wounds and creating compassion where diassociation existed. I hope it does the same for others who are in similar situations.”