SPOTLIGHT: The writers of Mothers & Mijas at Off The Tracks – Fanny Garcia

I Honor Her Now By Fanny Garcia

My mother is charming and beautiful. She loves to dance and she smiles a lot. She dances like a chicken but she doesn’t care, she just loves music. I’ve inherited my love of ballads by Jose Jose and Roberto Carlos from her. She used to listen to them all the time when I was a kid. Even now she keeps a small radio in the kitchen and listens to music while she cooks and cleans.

She loves looking pretty. She never leaves the house without make-up. Her outfits are garishly bright and colorful and she never wears black because it’s boring.  Her heels are sky high and she likes them in shiny gold and silver.

She’s been brave and cowardly. She’s been loving and mean. She is complex and ordinary. She has a story to tell that is painful to hear. She carries shame like most women carry a purse; close to her body and never, ever lets it go.

She jokes and makes me laugh when I’m trying very hard to stay mad at her. But for years, she allowed me to be mad. She let me feel the vibrating emotion and waited patiently for it to dissipate. I think she knew that someday I would forgive her. Or maybe, she just hoped I would.

The two pieces I wrote for Mothers & Mijas are about the journey she and I have had together, often angry, and painful and coated with shame. She has made many choices in her life that she is not proud of but she made them because she wanted a better life for her daughters. I didn’t always see her completely. The anger and resentment clouded my vision. Only time allowed us the opportunity to understand each other and I can honor her now because I can finally see all of her.

Fanny Garcia is the editor of pLAywriting in the city and is co-founder of East LA Rep, a nonprofit theater organization. She contributed a monologue called, “My Mother’s Hot Pink Pants” and the poem, “Aguas Negras” for Mothers & Mijas at Off The Tracks. Ms. Garcia’s Mom lives in Las Vegas. Mother and daughter speak on the phone regularly and laugh about the silly things in life.

Mothers & Mijas: A Special Mother’s Day show celebrating women, life, love, & family! April 29th & 30th and May 6th & 7th. With original works written by Gerardo Davolo, Fanny Garcia, Ramona Gonzales, Gabriela Lopez de Dennis, Carmelita Maldonado, Rosalva Reza, Selene Santiago de Nasseri, Felix Umana and directed by Carmelita Maldonado. All performances at 8 p.m.(Doors open @ 7:30 p.m.) $10 donation/ Moms $5

OFF THE TRACKS 5068 Valley Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90032.  RSVP at or 323-383-3291