Playwright Watching

By Sigrid Gilmer

I like to watch. Listen. Observe. I never know when a line will float out from the flotsam and jetsam of humanity or what kind of fantastic voyage a gesture, the gate of a walk, a colorful shirt or glance will send my mind on. This is what came to me riding to work on the Gold Line from Lake Ave. to Union Station.

Humanity you have lipstick on your teeth.

Humanity may I stare into your shocking blue eyes?

Humanity you look like an Aztec warrior.

A Japanese John Lennon.

Humanity may I brush your long silky dark hair?

Humanity will you touch me soft?

I like your fresh knit hat, humanity.

You’re copper colored braids.

Where you get your hair did, humanity?

Humanity you are poor.

You are a poet begging to write poems for change so that you can get yourself and girlfriend into a shelter for the night.

Humanity you are a fair-haired hipster in skinny jean and gladiator sandals riding to your 6K loft. You flip your hair when you say you don’t like poetry then drop your eyes back to your iphone.

Humanity you cough, choking on the comforting entitlement that fills the car.

You lose your place in your Kindle, La Opinion, LA Times, the mental grocery list.

The train lurches. A moment. A crack in the conceptual world.

Shall we step into the fissure, Humanity?

Shall we all hold hands and dive into the place where “I am” is not separate from “you?”

Why are you shoving me, Humanity?

Are you that anxious to loose the idea of yourself?

What, Humanity? What!?

O. I’m blocking the door.

Yes, this is my stop, Humanity.

My bad.

I am sorry to have troubled you, Humanity.

Enjoy your day.

Inside Union Station Photo by Fanny Garcia

Sigrid Gilmer’s plays include It’s All Bueno, The Hub of the Universe, Black Girl Rising, Axiom and The Great White Way.  Sigrid has worked with Cornerstone Theater Company (It’s All Bueno, 2010,); Watts Village Theatre Company (Meet Me @ Metro: Hub of the Universe, 2010 & Axiom, 2008.); Company of Angles (Black Girl Rising, 2009.); Playwriting Center of Theatre Emory (Brave New Works-Fools Mate & The Standards, 2009.) and Clubbed Thumb Theatre Company (Slavey, 2008).  Ms. Gilmer has a BA from Cal State LA (1997) and a MFA in from Cal Arts (2005). She has studied theatre in Japan, Rwanda and Iowa. Her current obsessions include: American history, Law and Order SVU, paying attention, vanilla lattes, and time travel. Sigrid is a member of Cornerstone Theater Company and lives in Los Angeles.