Jared’s Jokers

by Tony Bartolone

Staff Writer

pLAywriting in the city

There are plenty of challenges that come with producing a comedy show, and time and time again promoters fail to rise to the occasion. However, watching Jared’s Jokers Comedy Show restores my faith in the process.

There are three basic elements in comedy: the performer, the material and the audience. If any of those elements are not there, then the laughs are not there. Something comedians always talk about is “the room.” Comedy clubs know the formula: a small room, dimly lit and packed with people. Demetri Martin once said, “Rooms that are good for comedy are rooms that are bad in a fire.” When you see a show at the Second City main stage in Chicago you are likely to be squished against a complete stranger. That is what works.

Jack Robichaud performing at The Joint

Jared’s Jokers currently reside at the Joint in Los Angeles. The first time I walked into The Joint was an enchanting experience. Primarily a reggae club, there is plenty of paraphernalia floating around the strange, high-ceiling room. The Joint is not a comedy club. It is incredible watching Jared Bonner (creator and producer of Jared’s Jokers Comedy Show) pull off an enjoyable stand up show in this charmingly challenging environment. Towering somewhere above ten feet, the stage is the highest I’ve ever seen stand up performed on. It is an uphill battle producing a show in this venue, but Bonner pulls it off with class. In fact, all the potentially problematic conditions merely attest to the strength of the show itself.

Bonner is able to book some of the best comedians working today, as well as hungry up and coming comics. The talent combined with cheap ticket prices and drink specials make this show easily accessible to all of the public. I saw Jimmy Dore apply his subversive brand of sarcastic satire. The next night, at an established comedy club, it would cost (at least) twice as much plus the two-drink minimum to see the same performance. Bonner says he can put the show up at any venue, and it is definitely well worth following.

Jared’s Jokers Comedy Show is at 8pm at The Joint, 8771 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035. Keep updated on Facebook.