Make It A “Girl’s Night Out” At CASA 0101

by Fanny Garcia


pLAywriting in the city

The Pinche Mentirosa Sisters (P.M.S.) are at it again and this time it’s a no holds barred confession about about dates, sex and the truth about what happens when women go out for a little (or a lot) of fun.

The show was written by Josefina Lopez and the women who make up the cast, Blanca Melchor, Miriam Peniche, April Ibarra and Margie Gutierrez. Miguel Ortega Garcia and Gabriela Tagliavini contributed pieces as guest writers. Pinche Mentirosa Sisters started as a protest against casting practices that exclude full bodied women from roles as ingénues.

“We wanted to create a comedy team of funny full figured women who could play all the roles they always wanted to play but were never cast because of [their] size,” says Lopez.

The show uses sketch comedy in hilarious scenes of all types of female debauchery. Have you ever slept with a guy in a bunk bed? Well the PMS sisters have a scene for that and it leaves you wondering where exactly women find these men. Well they are everywhere and sometimes a little drink makes you forget that the dude with the cute smile might not be worth it.

The cast has done an expert job of showing the audience that a girls night out might start out something like this:

Margie Gutierrez, Blanca Melchor, Miriam Peniche and April Ibarra make up the cast of PMS. Photo by Shane Sato

and probably ends something like this:

Pinche Mentirosa Sisters. Photo by Shane Sato

“Girls Night Out” is a production written, performed and produced by women for women. It is natural then to have only one male in the cast portray the various douche-bags, bartenders and male strippers in their lives. Actor Jeremy Mascia expertly handles all his characters and serves as a perfect reference point in all scenes.

Audiences will laugh out loud when watching this show and they will do so because of the talented writers, actors and crew that have created this perfect girls night out.

PMS (The Pinche Mentirosa Sisters) in “Girls Night Out” ends April 1st, 2012. Don’t miss it!

PMS (The Pinche Mentirosa Sisters in “Girls Night Out” March 9 – April 1, 2012, Friday & Saturday at 8 pm. Sunday at 5 pm at the new Casa 0101 Theatre 2102 E. First St. Los Angeles, CA 90033. For more information visit their website.