Meet Me @Metro III-Uncovering LA’s Hidden Treasures

by Fanny Garcia


pLAywriting in the city

I’ve hesitated to write up something about Meet Me @Metro III because I’ve been involved in it’s production as the Associate Curator/Dramaturg. However, how can pLAywriting in the city not cover a show that is specific to Los Angeles and involves many of its most talented theater companies, artists, musicians and integrates the city’s diverse communities so well.

The show starts at Union Station and travels the “Linea de Oro” to East Los Angeles. Along the route the audience’s five senses are stimulated by performance art and music as well as the many works of art displayed at each station.

Meet Me @Metro is in its third year and Watts Village Theater Company has invited the East Los Angeles based band Ollin to play along the route. Thu Tran from Ampersand is also lending his musical virtuosity with his guitar and harmonica. Rhythm Child has engaged artists on the ride by teaching a drumming class as the train travels. Other musicians include Angelo Francois and his trio as well as David Guerra and Obie winning composer Rick Burkhardt

The work of Ramiro Gomez Jr. is on display at the East LA Civic Center spotlights the mostly Latino workforce that work as gardeners, nannies, and food vendors in Los Angeles. Ramiro visited the area prior to creating his work and observed the community in order to create his cardboard cutouts. His work reflects the people that enjoy the lake and shade at the park.

Children and adults alike gape at the large and colorful Sun and Moon puppets that welcome them to East LA Civic center where, if you’ve bought the right ticket, you also get lunch.

Bring your camera! You’ll capture amazing scenes. Below are a few of the ones I caught with my iPhone from the 10 – 12 minute plays each theater company contributed to the show.

Union Station – Watts Village Theater Company in collaboration with the BraZeros Contemporary Dance – “The Traveling Towers.”


Mariachi Plaza Station – Moving Arts – “Paranormal Communications Specialist”


Soto Street Station – Company of Strangers – “Ascension”


East LA Civic Center Station – Rogue Artists Ensemble –  “A Party in the Park”


Mariachi Plaza Station – East LA Rep – “For One Mariachi”


Union Station – Watts Village Theater Company in collaboration with the Brazeros Dance Collective – “The Traveling Towers Part II”

Meet Me @Metro II: Uncovering Los Angeles Hidden Treasures runs Saturday, Sept. 1st and 2nd at 11 am and 12 pm. The 12 pm on Saturday, Sept. 1st  show is Pay-What-You-Can. Click on the link to visit their website for more information.