Faith by Evelina Fernandez rounds out a trilogy about a Mexican-American family in the U.S

by Angela Imperial

Staff Writer

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Faith: Part 1 of a Mexican Trilogy now playing at Los Angeles Theater Center and presented by The Latino Theater Company is a magical, heartfelt story of a Mexican-American family living in the U.S. in torment, lies, but also personal triumph. It is the story of three musically gifted sisters bound together by blood, passion and talent. Written by Evelina Fernandez and directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela (Founding Artistic Director of The Latino Theater Company), Faith is the beginning of an epic journey of family. The previously produced, Hope and Charity round out the trilogy.

Esperanza America, Olivia Delgado and Alexis de la Rocha in Faith: Part I of A Mexican Trilogy. Photo Credit: Pablo Santiago

Set in the midst of the early 1940’s, Silvestre and Esperanza Morales must deal with the choices they made before they had three beautiful, witty daughters who are also musically talented.  The young girls soon start stirring emotions and triggering a series of events that turn the entire family’s world upside down. A haunting secret that was thought to be buried rears its nasty head proving that perhaps one can run from their truth but never escape it.  As Silvestre (Sal Lopez) struggles with his inner calling to a higher power, Esperanza (Lucy Rodriguez) must face the reality of raising three spirited daughters in a time of war and uncertainty. Faith (Esperanza America), Charity (Alexis de la Rocha) and Elena (Olivia Delgado) are young women fighting for their dreams, independence, first loves and a little breathing room from parents that know all too well about temptation. When the girls win a singing competition, their true colors shine attracting some welcome attention from Freddie (Matias Ponce) and Charlie (Xavi Moreno), two charming young men who face death far too soon. The comadre Lupe (Evelina Fernandez) provides comic relief for the Morales family.  Evelina Fernandez has penned a lovely story, and each actor in this cast fills their role beautifully. The performances in this show are refreshing, and the singing is stellar. Jose Luis Valenzuela has directed a wonderfully gifted cast, each giving more than 100% on stage.

Olivia Delgado, Alexis de la Rocha, Evelina Fernandez and Lucy Rodriguez in Faith: Part I of A Mexican Trilogy at the Los Angeles Theater Center. Photo Credit: Pablo Santiago

Faith is a play that will appeal to an audience on every level, from the period costumes, to the voices that carry melodic tunes across the theater, to the set that is so intimate you feel you really are in the Morales home. It is a fantastical journey that many families have been on, and can identify with. A journey that takes you to a place that can be a little frightening and new but when all is said and done you end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Have Faith and go to see this show! You will not be disappointed!

Faith: Part I of A Mexican Trilogy is playing at The Los Angeles Theater Center in Theater 3.  October 19th – November 11th, Thursday to Saturday at 8p.m. and Sunday at 3p.m. For tickets go to or call (866) 811-4111.